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Als eigenwillige Wesen, halb Papercraft, halb Matrjoschka, leben die sechs neelps in einer wundersamen, gezeichneten Filzstift-Welt, die sie für Ausflüge in die Realität gelegentlich verlassen. neelps ist spleen rückwärts gelesen und wie der Name schon verrät, sind auch die neelps gelegentlich ein bisschen verquer. Mal trotzig, mal in Siegerpose tauchen sie an den Spielorten und in der Stadt auf. Sie stehen aber auch für Menschen allen Alters, die sich für spleen*graz interessieren und die aktiv am Festival teilnehmen, sowohl als KünstlerInnen, Publikum, TechnikerInnen, OrganisatorInnen, JournalistInnen ...

Man kann sich ganz leicht selbst einen neelps nachbasteln:

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So gehts:

  1. pdf-Vorlage downloaden
  2. ausdrucken
  3. ausschneiden
  4. an den strichlierten Linien falten
  5. an den weißen Laschen kleben

Und fertig ist der neelps!

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5. international THEATER FESTIVAL for young people from 07. - 12. February, 2014

Every child and teenager has the human right to cultural participation. Cultural education opens up new possibilities for young people that allow them to actively participate in social life. It promotes the exchange of ideas and helps them develop social skills. However, many young people are denied access to cultural education. Many parents are not able to afford entrance tickets, leaving their children without the possibility to attend cultural events with their family or schoolmates.


This is why it is essential to establish programmes that allow young people to visit cultural institutions and actively participate in cultural education projects. Graz not only offers a wide range of diverse cultural activities; it is also home to many professionals from all art fields with long-term experience in cultural education. These activities and services should not be limited to specific social groups.


With the Cultural Backpack, the Graz department of Cultural Affairs under City Councillor Lisa Rücker introduces a pilot project at spleen*graz. The imaginary backpack for young people can be bought for a token amount of € 8 and is filled with tickets for a theatre performance, a musical event and a visit to a museum. In addition, each of the three activities is accompanied by an exciting workshop. 230 young people from partner schools and partner institutions will get the chance to make use of this innovative offer in February 2014.




20 cultural backpacks are specifically withheld for individuals like YOU.

If you are between 8 and 18 years old, you can apply for a backpack until 30 January.

The first 20 people to apply are going to receive their own cultural backpack including a visit to a theatre, a museum and a concert for only € 8.




1. Send an email with subject ‘Cultural Backpack’ to

2. Make sure to include your name and telephone number in the email.

3. We will get back to you within a few days.


More detailed information about partner institutions of the Cultural Backpack can be found at

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